Adding Features to Git the Easy Way

I have added a handful of features to git. The features are not perfect and most people can’t use them, but they are easy to prototype and I can polish them before writing and submitting a proper patch to git.git.

Here are some of the features I’ve implemented for git:

  • If I try to commit -a but have already staged changes I get a prompt
  • Checking out a branch from master does not track master
  • If I forget the first argument to remote add it defaults to origin
  • Globs in .git/info/grep-exclude exclude files from matching in git grep

I haven’t yet tried to implement any of these for git both because my C is not great and I am not super interested in going through the effort of getting the patches accepted, especially when what I have now works!

So how do I do it?

🔗 The git Wrapper

I have a relatively simple perl script called git that just tweaks the arguments to /usr/bin/git.

Most of the features are one liners. For example here’s the full “don’t accidentally track master:”

} elsif ($checkout{$command} && ( grep /^-b/i, @args ) && ( grep /^origin\/master/, @args )) {
   unshift @args, '--no-track';

And then at the end of the program I simply exec '/usr/bin/git', $command, @args, more or less.

Obviously this is not bulletproof, but these features only need to work for me and how I use git; so I can keep them pretty simple.

I can’t decide if I am more proud of the “prompt because of staged changes” feature or “grep-exclude” feature.

The former is super convenient because I’ll do git add -p to stage a bunch of small chunks from various files and then accidentally do git commit -am derp. This protects me from that mistake.

The latter is awesome because at ZipRecruiter our repository has huge swaths of stuff that tends to show up in grep results often but is never, ever what I’m looking for. A good example is a file with a huge list of stemmed words in English. So I simply added that file to .git/info/grep-exclude and it never shows up. Even cooler, because I use git grep from vim, it gets automatically excluded there too.

Sometimes when I make these tools, I forget about them or never really get into the habit of using them regularly. I probably use this ten times a day (because of how hard I lean on git grep.) It’s nice to have one that was such a home run.

(The following includes affiliate links.)

If you’d like to learn more about git I highly recommend Pro Git.

If you are interested in getting better at making tools, or at least taking a more thoughtful approach, I would consider Software Tools by Kernighan and Plauger. I don’t think that weird wrapper scripts are covered, but it’s still somewhat related.

Posted Fri, Mar 10, 2017

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