Album of the Week: Brave

Brave by Marillion is this weeks Album of the Week. Before I get into specifics I need to tell a story about how I got into Marillion…

I found out I loved prog music because of Transatlantic. Marillion’s Pete Trewavas is one of the members of Transatlantic. I checked out all of the other band member’s groups, but I never did check out Marillion (as in order a CD.) One day I was in the thrift store and I happened upon a Marillion album (Seasons End) It was surprisingly good and I bought up a few more albums (Misplaced Childhood) Anyway, I just cannot believe that I found music that excellent at a thrift store.

Back to Brave. Brave is one of the earlier Marillion albums, yet it still falls into the “Hogarth” era Marillion. I would compare Marillion with Radiohead, except I don’t really like Radiohead enough to know them that well. Marillion often has fairly dark music, and Brave is no exception. I have never actually noticed the lyrics on Brave (except for The Great Escape,) but Brave is a concept album. I recommend reading the lyrics instead of listening to me about that though.

I would also describe this album as very heartfelt; that is, I would say that feeling and meaning tend to bleed through. I would compare this to how I feel about The Arcade Fire.

Brave is one of those albums that you really should listen to in its entirety. It has a great intro and an excellent finale. Brave is a good album to listen to when it’s pouring rain out and you just feel like brooding.

Favorites: Bridge, Living with the Big Lie, Hard as Love, Brave, The Great Escape.

Colors: Black, Navy.

Posted Thu, Mar 12, 2009

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