Album of the Week: Furr

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Furr by Blitzen Trapper is the Album of the Week. This post (as well as 2-3 others) should have been done earlier in the week, but I was a little swamped. Sorry if you were on the edge of your seat :-P

So Furr has definitely been my favorite album this week. I can tell because tells me I have listened to it ELEVEN TIMES in the past 7 days. I would describe the style as somewhere between Neko Case (indie country) and Bob Dylan. I have also seen the band compared to Neil Young as well.

Their style is also slightly erratic, with songs like Fire & Fast Bullets, which brings OK Go to mind, and then Gold For Bread which is more like older rock, but with weird noises in the song at some parts. Very intriguing music.

Factoid: both Furr and God & Suicide have been on the NBC show Chuck. You may not like that show, but it definitely has lots of indie music (whatever that means.)

I dig the lyrics. The first song that caught my ear, Furr, is about the transformation from man to wolf to man. And then we have Black River Killer:

Then I went to the river for to take a swim You know that black river water is as black as sin And I washed myself clean as a newborn babe And then I picked up a rock for to sharpen my blade

Favorite songs: Furr, God & Suicide, Black River Killer, Fire & Fast Bullets, Saturday Nite, Gold For Bread.

Colors: Tan and Brown.

Posted Sat, Mar 21, 2009

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