Album of the Week: Metropolis Pt. 2

Metropolis Part 2, by Dream Theater, is this weeks AOTW. This is one of those rare albums that must be listened to entirely, in order, and gaplessly. I am sure lots of you music people do this anyway. I know that I do for sure. But the thing is that these songs mostly have seamless transitions along with an important, plotish order.

Metropolis Part 2 is a concept album. It is Prog Rock as it’s by Dream Theater. The concept has something to do with murder and reincarnation; at least that is what I have gathered after listening to it numerous times. It is one of the few albums, in my opinion, that pulls off sound effects well. Lots of songs use sound effects as part of the song. How many do you know that use sound effects as sound effects and still sound good and actually have something to do with the song?

I think this is a great album to sit down and just listen to as opposed to listening to at work. I also listen to it at work and while I drive etc. But the lyrics and the music itself are worth paying attention to.

I like every single song on the album, which I think is unusual, but I will still note my favorites.

My favorite tracks of the album: Finally Free, Fatal Tragedy, Beyond This Life, The Dance Of Eternity.

Colors: Red, Black, Blue.

Posted Tue, Feb 10, 2009

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