Album of the Week: Space Revolver

I have had quite the love affair with prog-rock. One of the bands that led to this affair was The Flower Kings. I think the third album of theirs that I got was Space Revolver. Space Revolver is very much prog and very much Flower Kings. For instance, the first song, I Am The Sun (part one) has lots of noise and even a weird (but awesome) sub-song that most bands certainly wouldn’t do.

It has a lot of the gorgeous guitar thanks to Roine Stolt head man as well as a lot of really amazing “soundscapes”, or very instrument driven sections of songs. I think that the soundscapes come from Tomas Bodin, who has had a few solo albums himself.

The album also has some of the standard FloKi’s Doom and Gloom in Monster Within. To expound upon that, despite their standard message of love (see band name,) they also have this interesting feeling of judgment in their lyrics. Here’s an example:

So you say that you cannot sleep, you’re not into counting sheep All the monsters are for real, something out there, the way you feel Grown up man, you’re still losing sleep, aliens hiding in the deep Nights of terror and gates of hell, can’t get rid of that

brimstone smell

They have a lot of other really great albums, but you have to start somewhere right ;-) Anyway, hopefully you will enjoy this album as much as I do.

Favorites: I Am The Sun (part one), Monster Within.

Colors: Red, Blue, Green.

Posted Fri, May 8, 2009

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