Album of the Week: Ultravisitor

Ultravisitor, by SquarePusher, was one of the first experimental techno bands that I was introduced to. It has the distinction of being the only music I’ve ever listened to with my friend Fjord that he asked me to change. It is quite noisy, but it also has some very pretty parts.

Do you have friends who say, “Yeah, I’ll listen to pretty much anything except Country music,” or some variation of that? Well, show them this album. They might be down at first, but they’ll probably change their mind after a few tracks. I even had a friend who claimed that this album doesn’t count because “It’s not music!” That is certainly a falsehood, as I think this album is quite an interesting experience. You may not be able to listen to it all the time, but it’s still worth hearing at least twice.

An interesting fact to note about this album is that, while it is techno, SquarePusher plays at least one “real” instrument, the bass guitar, and it sounds very pretty. The bass is very environmental, which is probably true of most bass guitar, but this is much more in the foreground.

Favorites: Iambic 9, Ultravisitor, Circlewave.

Colors: Black and White and Pink and Cyan

Posted Tue, Feb 3, 2009

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