Album of the Week

A good friend told me that instead of making huge lists of albums I should instead make a post a week for an album. What a great idea! I begin this today.

Caveat Lector: I don’t care if a band is popular, is musically weak, socially unacceptable, or any other reasons unrelated to the sound of a specific album. I don’t care about what you said about it or what your indie reviews said. I just care about if I liked the album. With that said, let’s get started :-)

I figure that if I have to start with something I will start with (statistically) my favorite album. This surprises me, but according to October Rust by Type O Negative is my favorite album of the past 12 months. It seems that way from that graph anyway.

My roommate tells me that Type O Negative is technically classified as industrial. I have looked all over the place for something that’s actually similar and I can’t seem to find anything. October Rust is excellent for background music, but it’s also excellent if you want to have your very own personal hour and twenty six minute long Halloween.

I don’t know if using words to describe music makes much sense, so that’s all I’ll do for that this week.

My favorite tracks of the album: Love You To Death, Red Water, Die With Me, Wolf Moon, and Haunted.

Colors: Black and green.

Posted Mon, Feb 2, 2009

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