Catalyst Git Conversion

Hello All!

Some of you already know that I am working on converting the Catalyst repository to git. I am happy to announce that I am closing in on completion!

The current state of the git repo: The script to convert it:

The only things I know of that we must have before we finalize this conversion is:

  • Is it correct that the svn user rjk is Ronald J Kimball: rjk AT linguist DOT dartmouth DAWT edu ?
  • who is svn user didls?

Also, if you’d like to help ensure the sanity of the repo it would be great if you looked at it! Here are a few tools I use to try to get a feel for the quality of the final export:

gitk --all

Perusing the repo with gitk is good; another great thing to do is to View -> Edit View and click “Strictly sort by date”. This is helpful for finding duplicate commits. Note that there are some commits that look duplicate in this repo but actually aren’t; people decided it would be best to edit multiple branches in a single commit instead of just dealing with that at merge time.

git shortlog -s

This will make it clear if I misspelled your name.

Also looking at blames of files can be handy.

Hopefully this helps!

Update: hobbs found confirmation for rjk and identity for didls, so we are good to go assuming no one finds any issues.

(I hope to have a long blog post soon explaining some of the techniques I used to get this all working. Be prepared though, I’m not as smart as Haarg, so mostly it’s a manual process :-) )

(The following includes affiliate links.)

If you’re interested in learning more about Git, I cannot recommend Pro Git enough. It’s an excellent book that will explain how to use Git day-to-day, how to do more unusual things like set up Git hosting, and underlying data structures that will make the model that is Git make more sense.

Posted Sat, Feb 12, 2011

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