CGI::Application::Dispatch, optional paramters and optional runmodes

So I haven’t totally figured everything out about CGI::Application::Dispatch, but I am learning a lot. First off, here are two things that I learned today.

package ACD::Dispatch;
use base 'CGI::Application::Dispatch';
use warnings;

sub dispatch_args {
    return {
        prefix  => 'ACD',
        debug => 0,
        table   => [
            '/'  => {
                app => 'Welcome',
                rm => 'index'
            # The rm must be optional if you want
            # /controller to go to the startrunmode.
            ':app/:rm?/:foo?' => { },
        args_to_new => {
            PARAMS => {
                cfg_file => '/path/to/',


Now, notice the :foo param. If you want to get access to that in your controller you use


but if you had a regular parameter as well and wanted to get access to that, you’d use

Posted Wed, Jan 14, 2009

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