CPAN Patch workflow

I just wanted to write up a quick note on my workflow for CPAN patches, because I’m so pleased with it.

I use three tools:

  1. Git::CPAN::Patch

  2. git-hub

  3. fugitive.vim

When I first see a module that needs some love, like today I saw that Gazelle needed some POD reformatting, first I clone it (using Git::CPAN::Patch):

git cpan clone Gazelle

Then I fork it, so that I can make a pull request (using git-hub), make a branch, and set it up to track my fork.

git hub fork
git checkout -b doc-patches
git push frioux HEAD -u

Then I edit and commit my changes (using fugitive.vim):

vi $file

" hack hack hack

:Gwrite     " stages the current file
:Gcommit -v " gives me a tab to commit the changes
:Gpush      " push to my github fork

After doing a few rounds of that I make my pull request (using git-hub:)

git hub pr-new cpan

And then I’m basically done! This is more work than using the Github web interface, but for anything more than a simple typo fix, it’s pretty awesome.

Note that the above doesn’t work as well for non-github repos. Git::CPAN::Patch knows how to send patches with git cpan send-email, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work. If you know how to configure it to send via gmail let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: See details that resolve the above issues here.

Posted Thu, Jul 30, 2015

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