Defining Custom URI Schemata on Linux

For years I’ve wanted a way to link to emails without being tied to some specific provider. All emails have a header, Message-ID, that is supposed to be unique. I think it would be incredibly useful if there could be links based on these ids. I implemented that this past week!

🔗 email://

Here’s the idea: you link to an email by Message-ID with the general format of email://$Message-ID, so for example email:// could link to!original/vim_use/V3V7__4xLdg/vWEkMDvnCQAJ. But the magic is that the Message-ID is universal, so if you happen to have all of your email locally, your email client should also be able to handle email://. Furthermore, there are lots of mailing list archives that could resolve the Message-ID. I know that technically this is hard because mailing list archives are uncoordinated and the Message-ID has nothing to do with them, but nonetheless I think this would be awesome.

🔗 Usage

As I said, I’ve had this idea for a long time as far as technology ideas go. I figured it was something that was not really in the cards, but recently I’ve been keeping my own notes for all kinds of stuff. I’ll post more about that later. The main thing is that I’m using vim, and vim has this default built in plugin that allows you to press gx on a url and have the url open in your default browser. With that in mind I wanted to be able to write something like, See email://foo for how to run more tests at once.

🔗 Configuration

I read the docs for the plugin and even read most of the code, but I had trouble figuring out how to configure it to have special handlers for a url schema. With much reticence I reached out to the author of the plugin and he gave me advice to try to configure xdg-open to customize url handling. After some Googling I found a blog post that theoretically should have been everything I needed, except that I ran into some issues, maybe caused by my own misreading.

After getting what I thought would work, I hit up both IRC and the XDG mailing list. As is often the case I was warnocked (for at least a week) and I happened to complain in one of the IRC channels that I hang out in. Thomas Sibley volunteered to help me fix my setup and helped me notice glaring errors in my .desktop file and motivated me to strace xdg-open to see what it was doing. The latter made it clear to me how you install the handlers.

There was one more snag in the road. I use mutt, which runs in a terminal. While the desktop entry spec technically supports Terminal=true, xdg-open does not. There was some hand wringing on the mailing list as to how to achieve this, but of course I don’t need a standard, I just need to fix xdg-open.

Here’s my little patch to add support for a moderately configurable terminal to xdg-open:

diff --git a/bin/xdg-open b/bin/xdg-open
index a31c75b..80d8cd9 100755
--- a/bin/xdg-open
+++ b/bin/xdg-open
@@ -706,7 +706,11 @@ search_desktop_file()
             args=$(( $args - 1 ))
         [ $replaced -eq 1 ] || set -- "$@" "$target"
-        "$command_exec" "$@"
+        if [ "$(get_key "${file}" "Terminal")" = true ]; then
+           xdg-terminal "$command_exec" "$@"
+        else
+           "$command_exec" "$@"
+        fi

With that in place, Terminal links work just fine, especially since I have configured my terminal to simply spawn a new window in tmux.

🔗 Howto

With all the above, here is how I set it up. First write your handler:


use strict;
use warnings;

use autodie;

use File::Temp;

my $url = shift;
my $email = $url =~ s(^email://)()r;

my ($search, $which_email) = split /\.eml@/, $email;

   my $dir = File::Temp->newdir;

   my $mutt = 'mutt';

   if ($which_email eq 'zr') {
      $mutt = 'zr-mutt';
      $ENV{NOTMUCH_CONFIG} = "$ENV{HOME}/.zr-notmuch-config";

   system qw(notmuch-mutt -r search), $search, '-o', "$dir";
   system $mutt, qw( -R -f ), "$dir"

If it’s not obvious, my email handler uses the excellent notmuch and the included mutt integration. I added an extra little feature where you can trail your link with .eml@zr and have the part after the @ be an alternate email account, ZipRecruiter in my case.

This should be easily testable, just run email-handler email://....

Now create the .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/home/frew/code/dotfiles/bin/email-handler %u

The important lines are MimeType and Exec.

Finally, install the .desktop file:

xdg-mime install frew-email.desktop
xdg-mime default frew-email.desktop x-scheme-handler/email
cp frew-email.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

Why the first command doesn’t do the copy itself I’ll never know.

After that, simply running xdg-open email://... should work! Note that this does seem to work in Vim with gx and Chrome and Firefox, though in my testing it looks like Chrome is using xdg-open and Firefox is using some other tooling. This means that if you patch your xdg-open like I did the changes won’t apply in Firefox. That’s not my primary use-case at this point so I’m leaving it at that for now.

And that’s that! I intend to create custom schemata for other use cases, like the issue tracker at work, but the details outlined above should be enough for anyone to make custom links like this. Have fun!

Posted Thu, Sep 15, 2016

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