Don't be a jerk

So there’s a certain meme that’s been pretty popular in the perl community lately. I won’t mention it because I think it’s really been discussed too much. The problem I have is that really hurtful things have been said on both sides of the discussion and it’s really too bad.

I posted a while back about how glad I was that we aren’t the Ruby community; banning each other from conferences and whatnot. I just think that we can do better than this. We all know that our greatest resource as a community is CPAN, but be honest with yourself: would CPAN even exist if we destroy our community?

I hate to post about stuff like this. It doesn’t take us forward in any technical aspects, and I doubt anyone will do anything because I say anything, as, relatively speaking I don’t have a lot of merit behind me in the community. But I figure it doesn’t hurt much to mention that we can at least try to be reasonable on the internet. I know that’s a rare thing as it is, but I’d expect it from my friends.

Posted Tue, Jul 7, 2009

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