Dream On Dreamer

I can’t speak for others, but I was pretty inspired as a teenager. What I’d do is read random stuff throughout the week, then listen to some kind of music or watch a movie on Friday, and do my best to stay up all night and use what I’d learned to make something new.

For the most part, as a teenager, I failed. As with most teenagers, I was pretty much worthless. But that’s part of what ended up making me who I am today!

I’m tired of using my free time feeling like I should be Accomplishing Something of Value to the Corporate World. I have six weeks to go before reaching 200 weeks in The CPAN Contest. That seems like a good time to stop.

After that, I expect to write more blog posts. The blog posts will be weird, maybe color coded. They will likely be less about code and more about Buckethead or A Really Good Movie.

Are you inspired? What inspires you? Why aren’t you inspired?

Dream on dreamer, starchild
Open your mind carefully
Dream on dreamer, ride home
Dreamshades changing endlessly

Enter worlds no one has seen
All at your command in your dreams

Sinking deeper, letting go
Let the story take you in
Dream on dreamer, fly home
Let the dream of dreams begin

Enter worlds no one has seen
All at your command in your dreams
Posted Sat, Nov 21, 2015

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