Dropbox Longpoll Bugs

I fixed a subtle bug in my dropbox client’s longpoll implementation.

Recently I noticed that one of my tools (which reloads the current webpage when a file in the corpus changes, according to dropbox,) was reloading the page way more than I expected.

I figured either I had a bug in my code or the Dropbox API was much weirder than I thought. It turns out that it’s somewhere in the middle.

Here’s what the longpoll API says:

A longpoll endpoint to wait for changes on an account. In conjunction with list_folder/continue, this call gives you a low-latency way to monitor an account for file changes. The connection will block until there are changes available or a timeout occurs. This endpoint is useful mostly for client-side apps. If you’re looking for server-side notifications, check out our webhooks documentation.

That sounds like it monitors the entire account! But I played with the code some and found that the related call to continue is limited as you might hope. In short: the longpoll responses are account-wide, but the contents of the related responses are limited to the directory you start with.

The change I made wasn’t too complicated but of course I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

I doubt that the frequency I was reloading stuff was causing problems for Dropbox, my laptop, or the Raspberry Pi running the server code, but who doesn’t like making code much more efficient?

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Recently Brendan Gregg’s Systems Performance got its second edition released. He wrote about it here. I am hoping to get a copy myself soon. I loved the first edition and think the second will be even more useful.

At the end of 2019 I read BPF Performance Tools. It was one of my favorite tech books I read in the past five years. Not only did I learn how to (almost) trivially see deeply inside of how my computer is working, but I learned how that works via the excellent detail Gregg added in each chapter. Amazing stuff.

Posted Sat, Jan 9, 2021

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