Ext JS Conference

So today the Ext JS guys posted about their conference in April. We use Ext JS at work and I have become pretty competent in using the framework for UI design. A lot of the things that they are adding in Ext JS 3.0 will make the toolkit more compelling. The most significant of all will be the accessibility changes and the addition of Ext Core as a standalone library.

Anyway, with that in mind I asked my boss if I could go and it was decided that I am going! I am very excited! This is the first conference I have gone to and I think it will be a good one. The talks that I am looking forward to the most are the Keynote with Douglas Crockford, Ext 3.x - What’s new & how to use it, Introducing Ext Core, Building Accessible Apps for Ext JS and Ext GWT, Refactoring, Application Deployment, Building Usable Interfaces, Optimizing Performance, and Critical Developer Tools.

That may seem like a lot to be excited about to you, but I am quite stoked. By my reckoning that’s %33 Ext talks and %66 general javascript (or more general) programming talks, which is quite acceptable to me.

I also think it’s pretty Cool that they give you a discount based on how long you have had a login for the forum and how many posts you have made to the forum. I got a 25% discount based 200 posts and five months of participation. That really is an interesting way to foster community.

When I do end up going to the conference I will do my best to distill the talks into written word :-)

Posted Wed, Feb 4, 2009

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