Flight of the Conchords live

I’ve decided that seeing a concert warrants a blog post, and that a concert blog post can fill in for an Album of the Week post. If I pay the money to see a concert (typically more than the cost of a CD) I probably like the band that much :-) With that in mind I present to you my most recent concert: The Flight of the Conchords.

You’ve probably already heard of Flight of the Conchords. It was the biggest single concert I’ve ever been to by far. (The Flaming Lips was actually a festival so that doesn’t count.) According to the band there were somewhere between four thousand and six thousand people there. Wow. Most concerts I go to have somewhere between one hundred and five hundred people. FLOTC is a comedy band that has a show on HBO. Typically I prefer to see their live stuff on Youtube though, so a concert seemed perfect.

The tickets weren’t very expensive. Thirty five + ticketsuckster fee totaled to something like forty seven dollars. We actually arrived a little late so we hardly saw any of the opener, so I won’t comment on him at all. The transition from the opener to band was instant, which is excellent. The band came out in robot costumes and performed “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor.” They changed into normal clothes while the lights were off and after that it was basically songs and between song chit-chat. The music was great and the talking between was also very good.

My only major complaint was the audience. I go to plenty of concerts, probably at least one, if not two, per month. The people at this concert just did not know how to behave! First off, it seemed that a large portion of the crowd felt obliged to get up and get a beer every 15-20 minutes, so of course we are standing up to let them pass or the people in front of us are or even the people behind us are knocking our heads with their largely shaped behinds as they squeeze out to the aisle to get one more carb packed alcoholic beverage. And then of course there was the people that had to yell to their bro five seats down that they really liked the current song. At first I thought I was just being uptight, but my two compatriots agreed that it was extremely obnoxious.

Anyway, I give the concert a four out of five rating. Everything was great except for the use of a certain ticket provider and certain audience members.

Posted Thu, May 7, 2009

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