Goals for the New Year

It’s been 2010 for almost 10 days now. I have had this list of goals for the new year but I wanted to give them time to gestate before I posted them. I’m pretty happy with the goals and I have high hopes to be able to pull them all off. Not all of them are technical, but a good chunk are.

Work Stuff:

  1. Finish Work project by end of Feb (no other tech stuff until then)
  2. Get our javascript “framework” in better shape (docs, it’s own repo)

Perl Stuff:

  1. Finish Moose Testsuite (first half of march)
  2. Finish/Deploy Glimmer (end of march through april)
  3. Finish DBIx::Exceptions (may)
  4. Convert delish to perl and release to CPAN
  5. Add delish plugins to add/tag links from email, twitter, etc to del.icio.us

Vanilla Tech Stuff:

  1. Blog weekly (at least status of these things)
  2. Make a (small) videogame
  3. Read other people’s code at least once a week, include details in blog post)
  4. Read fewer blogs (subscribe to subset of ironman instead of the whole thing)

Personal Stuff:

  1. Pay off College loans in six months
  2. Get in shape
    1. Ride bike to work at least three times a week
    2. cook three times a week
    3. eat out less
  3. Start doing Backups regularly
    1. Get two terrabyte drives
    2. set up backup software
    3. get in habit of bringing backups to work
  4. Scan all pictures, letters, etc and throw/give away originals
  5. Rip all CD’s to flac, scan inserts, throw/give away cases
  6. Take pictures of various memorabilia and throw/give it away
  7. Donate unused clothes to Goodwill
Posted Sat, Jan 9, 2010

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