Going Backwards in Time

Going Back in Time

Today I half-heartedly tried to go back in time. The thing is is that I am a little worried that it may actually be my super power. The problem is this: what if I went back too far? Does that mean that I have that much life less to live or does it mean I just have to be bored for that amount of time? Or worse, what if my power is only going forward in time? That means all I can do is miss stuff. That would be too sad for words, so I have been hesitant to try this and even when I did try it I only tried to go back like, 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll try more later on this one, but I’ll need a solid reason.

In other news, I am driving to Texas tomorrow, so busy day. It will be one of those “sweet sorrow” times that we are all acquainted with more than we’d like to be. Also: I really dig Supergrass.

Posted Wed, Aug 15, 2007

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