How to use DBIx::Class after it's installed and setup

This is how I think a lot of code probably looks. Although it should be in methods and stuff, here is at the very least how to do just the basics:

use strict;
use feature ":5.10";
use MyApp;
use MyApp::DB;
use JSON;
use Scalar::Andand;

my $schema = MyApp::DB->connect(@MyApp::DBConnectData);

#find a given shop
my $shop = $schema->resultset('Shop')->find(51311);
say $shop->ShopNo;
say $shop->OrderNo;
say $shop->AgentRequestedFirst;
say $shop->AgentRequestedLast;
say '';

#find all shops where the AgentRequestedLast starts with Dy
my $rs = $schema->resultset('Shop')->search({
        AgentRequestedLast => {'LIKE', 'Dy%'},
        rows => 10,
        order_by => ['AgentRequestedLast',
                    'AgentRequestedFirst', 'ShopNo DESC']

# output pages 1, 3, and 6
foreach (1,3,6) {
    say '';
    say "Page: $_";
    my $paged = $rs->page($_);
    while (my $shop = $paged->next() ) {
        #Note: I added this method to my Shop class
        say $shop->as_string;
        # Note: Andand is awesome.
        #Thanks groovy, raganwald, and Leon
        say $shop->ShopperDueDate->andand->day_name();

# and to get some sweet, delicious JSON
$rs = $schema->resultset('Shop');
use DBIx::Class::ResultClass::HashRefInflator;
$rs = $rs->search({
        AgentRequestedLast => {'LIKE', 'Dy%'},
        rows => 10,
        order_by => ['AgentRequestedLast',
                  'AgentRequestedFirst', 'ShopNo DESC'],
        columns => [qw/AgentRequestedLast
                             AgentRequestedFirst ShopNo/]
my $data = {data=>[]};
while (my $shop = $rs->next() ) {
    push @{$data->{data}}, $shop;
say to_json($data);
Posted Sat, Jan 10, 2009

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