l2type nub

Today I found out I have tennis elbow from the stupid way I type. I’m writing this blog so you’ll all not develop my stupid bad habit. Basically I configured awesomewm to use the alt key as the modifier instead of the windows key, because I learned to use the alt key in xmonad

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but all of they keys that share a row with the spacebar are hard to press in general and for some reason my dumb hands decided the only way to press alt was to curl my thumbs inward and press that way. Honestly I still have no idea what the correct way to press alt (or ctrl) is, but curling your thumb in this manner is how you get tennis elbow, since the tendon that gets sore gets sore from gripping (not swinging, as I’d assumed.)

Anyway, my solution is to switch keys entirely, so that my muscle memory can’t kick in and use the caps lock key as a modifier . I’m trying to use my pinky instead of my thumb for ctrl but that’s not super easy. Hopefuly the ergodox that I ordered will help with that, but I use at least two other keyboards regularly…

On top of that it turns out that there are some good solutions to tennis elbow. I ordered this because some research (pdf) shows that it works really well to take care of tennis elbow.

If your outer elbow hurts do some research on this. You may have the same problem I do. It’s not as bad (as far as I can tell) as RSI, so that’s fortunate.

Posted Tue, May 28, 2013

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