Learning Day 2: DIY Games

Today I did my second Learning Day; the subject was DIY Games.

(The following includes affiliate links.)

My intention for today’s Learning Day was to read the first 100 pages of Making 8-bit Arcade Games in C. I was too worn out by 1pm (thanks to two small children) to start reading anything so that didn’t happen; I still intend to read it at some point though.

Instead, I started watching Pico-8 Hero - Breakout, a long series of videos where one guy builds up a game (breakout) bit by bit. It’s a little basic for me, and I might have skipped it or watched it at 1.75x speed normally, but as I said I was just too tired to be as productive as normal.

Even if you are a good programmer, the videos have some solid advice on how to make games. I intend to keep watching them, though I’m not sure when, to glean what I can from them.

Posted Sat, Feb 23, 2019

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