Monitoring Service start/stop in Upstart

Recently at ZipRecruiter I implemented a tool to ensure that we know if some service is crashlooping. It was really easy thanks to Upstart but it took almost a whole day to get just right.

I called the tool cerberus; you could call it anything though. Fundamentally it watches all starting or stopping events that go through Upstart, excluding itself. Here’s the guts of the implementation:

In /etc/init/cerberus.conf:

description "Monitor service events"

start on (starting JOB!="cerberus" JOB!="startpar-bridge" INSTANCE!="cerberus*") \
      or (stopping JOB!="cerberus" JOB!="startpar-bridge" INSTANCE!="cerberus*")

exec perl -E 'say localtime . qq( $ARGV[0] $_) for split /\s+/, $ARGV[1]' "$JOB" "$UPSTART_EVENTS"

This would log something like Sun Sep 24 19:45:00 2017 www stopping.

We are actually sending this data to our stats server so we can build monitors based on it, but that’s the basic idea. A frustrating side note is that, as a feature, Upstart only lets a single process run for a given job. When we initially did this I used the event starting and stopping instead of started and stopped. The upshot was that if you ran restart www it would only record the first event, because the second one couldn’t start as it happened at the same time. For some reason (I really am not sure why) the starting/stopping version doesn’t have that problem.

Additionally there is still a race condition. If two services advertise that they are either starting or stopping at the same time, we will only hear about one of them. Because I made this to monitor crashlooping I am not too worried about that. If you wanted to be 100% confident you got all the events you could build a watchdog per service, but that sounds easy to get wrong to me.

This change allowed us to remove the limit on respawning and configure all services to respawn forever. Worst case there would be a syntax error and we’d get alerted. More likely, if some other service goes down (like s3 or something) our service will restart fifty times and then comes back.

Somewhat comically, if a service is crashing over and over, you get multiple stopping events, but no starting events. I think this is because a respawn is technically not actually one of the events. Annoying.

I am sad to say that I haven’t found a great resource for how to monitor effectively. The main thing that I can say is that if you are willing to think for an hour or so you might be able to come up with an alert that is less likely to trigger spuriously but also give you more time to react.

The alert discussed in this post could be expressed such that any time a service exits non-zero you get an alert. That would be the worst.

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The SRE Book discusses some of this, though it dedicates an absurd amount of time to an internal monitoring tool that is, as far as I understand it, going away.

I also suspect that Brendan Gregg’s Systems Performance would be worth reading. Good alerting requires good collection and, later, good analysis. This book can help with some of that.

Posted Mon, Sep 25, 2017

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