Moose Test Refactoring

I’ve taken care of a significant portion of the refactoring that I’m doing to disable meta-tests for the Moose test suite. I’ve done all the tests up until the 100 series (which are examples.) The following is an example of how it’s done:


use strict;
use warnings;

use lib 't/lib';

use Test::More tests => 23;
use Test::Exception;

use MetaTest;

    package Foo;
    use Moose;
    use Moose::Util::TypeConstraints;

skip_meta {
   can_ok('Foo', 'meta');
   isa_ok(Foo->meta, 'Moose::Meta::Class');
} 2;

meta_can_ok('Foo', 'meta', '... we got the &meta method');
ok(Foo->isa('Moose::Object'), '... Foo is automagically a Moose::Object');

skip_meta {
   dies_ok {
   } '... has_method requires an arg';

   dies_ok {
   } '... has_method requires an arg';
} 2;
can_ok('Foo', 'does');

skip_meta {
   foreach my $function (qw(
                            before after around
                            blessed confess
                            type subtype as where
                            coerce from via
                            )) {
       ok(!Foo->meta->has_method($function), '... the meta does not treat "' . $function . '" as a method');
} 15;

Typically there will be some skip_meta blocks scattered throughout a test. As it stands the skip_meta (and skip_all_meta variant) will skip if the SKIP_META_TESTS environment variable is set. As I said before, if people want to change that it’s only defined in one place so we can change how it’s done fairly easily.

There are a few places I’m not sure I need to skip yet, like things in the Moose::*::Meta namespace. But I know for sure to skip the ->meta stuff, so that’s what I’ve been doing. The 100 tests are quite a bit more complex, which is why I haven’t finished any yet. I certainly plan to, and hope to take care of them soon. But in the meantime mst can get started on Antlers as a good amount of the tests should work for him now.

If anyone wants to help out let me know, and we can make Moose faster sooner!

Posted Mon, Sep 7, 2009

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