MORE MORE MORE: 2015 Edition

This is a three part post, but it’s supposed to be short, so lets get to it!

Part I: Shorter Blog Posts

I like to blog, but my posts tend to get really long and involved, because I sorta like to think from first principles and build up and tend to teach that way also. It’s generally not great; my documentation usually has something to be desired after I’m done. I think I’m a pretty good communicator, but I need to be better at succinctly and also clearly documenting.

Here I go again. I also need to just write! So I’m making a rule that most posts need to be pretty short. We’re talking like, 80 lines × 80 chars. So at this point I’m nearly a quarter through my post…

Part II: Looking Back on 2014

Last year I didn’t make any kind of goals at the new year, and I haven’t done that in a long time, which I’m fine with. I did some stuff I’m pretty stoked about nonetheless!

  • I started using DBIx::Introspector in anger, which lead to ::DateMethods1, and more excitingly for me at work, our application is nearly 100% working on SQL Server as well as Postgres.

  • I took and completed a class on Coursera. It was programming languages, which I didn’t get around to taking in college. Thanks to RJBS for instigating that. I’m in a crypto one now and it’s way harder, but still really interesting.

  • Had a kid. That mostly just means it’s harder for me to plan for next year!

  • Did a good amount of async code for work; this is getting more and more exciting every day. I’m really enjoying IO::Async and for better or worse, enjoying finding bugs and helping get them fixed.

  • Learned a lot about TLS, x509, et al. I have always been interested in crypto, and we’re rolling it out in a big way at work. It’s been really interesting and fun to get going.

  • LESS LESS LESS! Early on in my career I had fun creating applications using big framework-y type stuff like Catalyst, DBIx::Class, etc. I still really like those things, but now I tend to work hard to avoid even having a database connection. Similarly, I tend to start off with Web::Simple and often run it under IO::Async, since that lets me have background tasks without any kind of message queue. It’s a lot of fun and I really like it.

  • Surely there’s more, but who knows!

Part III: 2015

It’s hard to say what 2015 will look like. This time last year I was awaiting a callback from Google to see if I’d get an offer, and shortly thereafter found out we were having a kid. I am really excited to do more async, crypto, and non-win32 (hence Pg) work at $work.

One of our new products which I started last year but will likely finish in the first half of this year is a piece of hardware based on the Raspberry Pi. It’s a single async perl process all running on (of course) Linux. It’s a lot of fun to work on too!

The first part of this blog post might make it clear that I want to write more. I do! And honestly, I think even this, which I’m writing over the course of like, maybe 30 minutes, is still too long. But it has three parts so whatever. So yeah, more little posts. I want something between long, technical posts, and twitter.

Some non-tech things I want to do this year are: get more handy and fix stuff in my 30 year old house; drawers; insulation; shelving; etc. I want to figure out where my motivation disappears to for (at worst) weeks on end and how to recover it. I want to reduce monthly cost of living if possible (ie cancel cable.) I want to go deeper with some of my hobbies like cocktails and cooking.

That’s enough, or even too much. Have a good 2015 everyone!

Posted Sat, Jan 17, 2015

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