New Stuff in Data::Dumper::Concise (Devel::Dwarn)

I just released a new Data::Dumper::Concise. There are new features!

In Devel::Dwarn we have two new features:

🔗 Ddie

This function dies on Dwarn, which has super handy for tests and stuff.

Ddie {
   frew => 1,

🔗 DwarnF

This is like Log::Contextual’s Dlog methods. So you now can do the following:

DwarnF { "user: $_[0]\n session: $_[1]" } $user, $session;

🔗 DumperObject

Apparently people needed this. It’s part of Data::Dumper::Concise. Basically you can call DumperObject to get the underlying Data::Dumper object.

Hopefully you guys can use this!

Posted Fri, Jan 21, 2011

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