New stuff in DBIx::Class::Helpers 2.00200

A new release of the resplendent Perl ORM DBIx::Class means new release of DBIx::Class::Helpers

The ResultSet::Random helper had the wrong function used for MySQL. That was fixed thanks to an RT from pldoh.

get_namespace_parts from the util package was unnecessarily strict. Thanks to melo for the prodding to do that.

I refactored some of the code in core DBIx::Class so that I can more easily detect is_numeric with Row::NumifyGet, instead of requiring the user to specify it. Normally DBIx::Class autodetects it based on column type, but that code wasn’t quite generic enough until now. Nice!

And then the most exciting bit is a new helper entirely for the suite: Row::ToJSON. Basically I was sick of doing this:

package ACD::Schema::Result::Foo;

# regular package stuff here

sub TO_JSON {
  my $self = shift;
  return {
    id => $self->id,
    foo => $self->foo,
    # etc etc ad nausium


Of course that can be shortened to:

sub TO_JSON {
  my $self = shift;
  return { map +( $_ => $self->$_), qw{id foo ...} }

But I still have to make that stupid columns list! This shiny new helper makes a TO_JSON method that will simply include all of your columns except for the “heavy” ones like TEXT, NTEXT, or BLOB. Of course you can have finer-grained control than that by explicitly saying to include (or not) a column in it’s configuration. See the docs for all the nitty gritty details.

Posted Sun, Feb 7, 2010

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