New Stuff in Log::Contextual 0.004000

I just released Log::Contextual 0.004000 and it has a handful of great features.

It now supports arbitrary levels, so where before you simply had:

  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • fatal

Now you can have any levels by just saying

use Log::Contextual -levels => [qw(lol wut zomg)], ':log';

which would import functions for log levels lol, wut, and zomg.

But the really exciting thing is that now you can make a base class of Log::Contextual and set defaults for all of the different import options:

package MyApp::Log::Contextual;

use parent 'Log::Contextual';

use Log::Log4perl ':easy';

sub arg_logger { $_[1] || Log::Log4perl->get_logger }


The $_[1] in arg_logger is whatever logger the user passed in when they said “use MyApp::Log::Contextual -logger => …“. You can choose to allow them to override the logger like I did above, or you can force them to always use the logger that you set.

You can also use the arg_levels, arg_default_logger, and arg_package_logger methods, but I doubt anything other than arg_logger and arg_levels will be common.

Anyway, I hope people find this release as exciting as I do; I know it will make my code a lot nicer.

Posted Sun, Aug 7, 2011

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