ODBC in Ubuntu/Debian

Ok, so I just had to refer to this unposted post since I upgraded to perl 5.12 and I figured I’d finally post it.

Here’s everything I did to get ODBC working and connected to our MSSQL server at work:

aptitude install tdsodbc
dpkg-reconfigure tdsodbc
aptitude install unixodbc-dev
cpan DBD::ODBC  # (or aptitude install libdbd-odbcperl)

Note: driver=FreeTDS refers to /etc/odbcinst.ini this is how it finds the .so

And this is our DSN:


Hope this helps someone!

update: For some reason I had to replace unixodbc-dev with libiodbc2-dev, so you may need to do that as well.

Posted Wed, Apr 14, 2010

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