On Beam Travel

This is a treatise on why beam travel should be illegal. As it stands our current government does nothing against beam travel. In fact, it is not even mentioned in the law books. I do not think that beam travel should require a license or anything like that. I think that beam travel should just be entirely illegal for all time.

Beam travel works like this: your body is analyzed by a LASER to the atomic level. How does this work out without breaking Heisenburg’s tyrannical law? Assumptions. We know certain things about humans and that allows us to generalize so we don’t need to go all the way to the electrons. Nonetheless damage is done in this process. The fact that damage is done does not matter though because immediately after the scanning is complete the body is obliterated and stored as raw materials for when another person beams into the station. The data that describes the person’s body is sent via light waves (more LASER’s) and then the person is reconstructed with other raw materials.

I trust you see what is wrong here. In destroying the person in the first place we kill them. We do not even know if when the person is reconstructed they are the same person. They seem the same, but how do we know they aren’t fakes? Their spirits could be mere shadows built of psychic dust and residue left over from when the person was originally destroyed. I demand a moratorium on beam travel. I hope that you all agree with me.

Posted Tue, Jul 22, 2008

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