Productive Weekend

I got a bunch of random stuff done this weekend.

I wrote markdownfmt and mailfmt which are stupid wrappers around fmt -w80 that ignore blog metadata and my email signature, respectively. This was after trying to figure out what to do with this:

'paragraphs' 'para'	string	(default "IPLPPPQPP TPHPLIPpLpItpplpipbp")
	Specifies the nroff macros that separate paragraphs.  These are pairs
	of two letters (see |object-motions|).

Writing a script is a hack, but learning how to handle the above sounds like a waste of time.

I updated my amygdala to immediately deliver messages from the past (basically when my laptop comes back online,) deliver x11 notifications, and support the words “noon” and “midnight” in reminder input.

I added a very basic accesslog to the leatherman’s srv tool.

I built a little vim command that would let me cycle through my quickfix, rather than hittin a wall at the end:

command! Ccycle call Ccycle()

function Ccycle()
   if getqflist({ 'idx': 1 }).idx == len(getqflist())
      exe 'cfirst'
      exe 'cnext'

And this is all on top of setting up an s3 hosted website so my father-in-law wouldn’t have to deal with scummy web hosts who keep ghosting his company.

All in all a pretty productive weekend!

Posted Mon, Jun 17, 2019

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