Some Kickstarters I Have My Eye On

Some fun kickstarters I’ve got my eye on:

🔗 Blasphemous Cocktails

Cocktails inspired by HP Lovecraft stories and others. It is already funded and I am definitely getting it.

🔗 The Wine Curmudgeons Guide to Cheap Wine

The title says it all. Assuming this gets funded I plan on getting it. I love when people don’t have a minimum $20 a bottle to like a bottle of wine.

🔗 The Whole Story: Winter 2013

I already “got” this one. Quality comics.

I am thinking of getting the tie clip, but I almost never wear ties so it seems silly… For what it is worth a while back I looked at getting cufflinks like these and they were super expensive. These is much more reasonable. Probably will not get this, but if you are in the market for any of this stuff now is your chance!

🔗 Artizens

2D Shadow of the Collosus. Very customizable. Hoping to get a few friends in on it to get the four pack. If you are interested comment and we can get it!

🔗 Metacell

I really am interested in this one and it is really ambitious (5 games in total are planned apparently) but it does not look like it will fund :(

🔗 HabitRPG

Neat idea that is apparently pretty popular. Turn making habits into an RPG?

Posted Sun, Jan 27, 2013

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