Ten Years Behind the Screen

I started this blog ten years ago today!

Ten years ago, when I was spending a summer in Honduras, I published the very first article on this blog. I have been writing on and off since and I think improving almost everything I care to on the blog.

As I’ve mentioned before I have been using Hugo for (wow!) over three years now. One of the things I’m especially proud of is my blogs tooling and self-containedness. All you need, theoretically, to publish my blog is a working hugo binary (or docker wrapper), an s3cmd binary (or docker wrapper) and make.

The tools that I have blogged about before are Perl, SQL, and some basic shell. Previously I have always leaned on the original post to share the tool, but that is always going to be a little out of date. So to commemorate the ten years of blogging I am publishing both the source of the posts and the source of the tools and all of the associated configuration that I store in the git repository.

See the LICENSE if you are interested in using any of it. Not that the license restricts the use to these purposes, but the idea is that if someone wanted to study the corpus or test some alternate renderer or something like that they could. The license allows you to simply republish all of the content wholesale but I think that’s kinda stupid (though it has been done with my articles before and long before this point.)

While maybe only barely related, the fundamental tools that implement this blog are written in Go, Perl, and as mentioned before, highly composeable commandline tools. With those in mind I would recommend reading The Unix Programming Environment, as a glorious example of how Unix tools can be built.

If you are interested in learning Go, The Go Programming Language is a great book to start with.

Finally, if you read this blog you probably already know Perl, so maybe instead of learning how to program Perl, you instead learn some functional programming wizardry by reading Higher-Order Perl by my friend and coworker, Mark Jason Dominus.

Posted Mon, Jul 3, 2017

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