Using "Rails" wisdom in Perl

Ok so that may be a sensational title, but really the point is this: Rails people talk a lot, perl people just get stuff done. I am ok with getting stuff done, but I don’t know how perl people do it because they don’t talk about it as much.

Anyway, with that in mind my company (MTSI) is starting a new project next week. I get to be a big part of the planning and I am pretty excited. Normally our code is just perl scripts that use SQL and string interpolation or template toolkit. The use of TT is a big, fairly recent step forward. I recently turned a utilities file into a full on module, so that’s good too.

But really we aren’t where we should be. The state of the art with web applications has moved forward significantly in the past few years (and I think a lot of that is because of some smart people that use rails,) and there is no reason that we cannot use this knowledge in perl.

I originally looked at Catalyst, but decided against it because my boss thought it was a pretty big commitment for something none of us have experience with. So I decided to look at CGI::Application (which we used for TOME.)

Before I get into that I just want to say that we have decided on DBIx::Class as an ORM. I looked at Rose::DB::Object but DBIx::Class just seems to have more polish and support. Plus they support SQL Server which we use (no comment.) DBIx::Class is fairly easy to use and next time I’m at work I’ll post a snippet of how to do various things we want to do.

The main reasons I went with CGI::Application are these:

  1. It’s a fairly small framework, so easy to understand what’s happening.
  2. It will give us a better, more solid organization of our code.
  3. It will let us switch to mod_perl (from IIS…no comment.)

The biggest issue with CGI::Application that I initially had was this: how can I have multiple controllers? In TOME we only had one controller but I think we should have had at least two, maybe three. Anyway, after some research I found this: Re: Re: Re: Why CGI::Application?. Basically he does what I thought that you are supposed to do, except with some excellent OO goodness.

I was thinking that you would just have like, 5 CGI::Applications and those would be the controllers. Well, instead of that you have 5 CGI::Applications that subclass a main one which has basic functions (logging in etc) that all the other ones need. If a controller gets too big you either split it into a couple or you subclass it for a couple related controllers.

Hopefully it goes as well in my mind as it should :-)

Posted Sat, Jan 10, 2009

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