WebCritic: standalone version

Ok, you guys asked for it. I have updated WebCritic to be a lot leaner and meaner. Get the new version at the same great place.

It now runs entirely in it’s own lightweight server. No apache or mod_perl needed. It now uses CGI::Application::Server. It no longer uses CGI::Application::Dispatch, as my end goal no longer requires it. CAS fills the gap that CAD did for me. I also removed all of the lines that needed perl 5.10 because I wasn’t actually using any perl 5.10 features. If I ever do use perl 5.10 features though I will leave it as an exercise to the user to backport the code. Because it’s a user run server I no longer run a separate critic server. This makes the whole system a lot easier to run as a user. It defaults to criticizing the directory that it is run from and port 5053.

I plan on making a real page for it soon and putting it on CPAN in less than a month. Enjoy!

Posted Tue, May 5, 2009

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