When should I validate in controllers and not in models?

I’ve been told numerous times by people that I believe are smarter than me that I should do validation in my controllers and not my models. mst said that some validation, like low level primary key type stuff, can be in models, because it has to be. But if I recall correctly almost everyone was against validating things like email addresses in my models.

I just read this article and a lot of what alias says seems to make good sense to me. But if what he says is true that means it would be best if I validated as much as possible in my model, and then bubbled up any errors to the controller via exceptions or something like that. That would also make it simpler for me to generalize things that need to be a certain type value on creation, but should never change after creation.

So tell me, dear internet, why shouldn’t I validate as much as possible in my models?

Posted Wed, Jun 17, 2009

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