Why Perl Doesn't Need IPL: redux

Jeff Atwood claims that comments are a required ingredient for a blog. How true! There have been some comments recently on my original post about an interactive perl shell. My post mostly centered around writing one liners with your regular shell.

Well, brunov replied and mentioned Devel::REPL, which is excellent! It has all kinds of great features and really does everything that you would expect a modern language shell to do. It’s a surprising hassle to get to work with ActiveState perl in windows, but in Linux it works like a charm!

G briefly mentioned perl -de0, which is alright, if you want something out of the box, but if given a choice between perl -de0 and perl -E, I’d choose the latter, as at the very least I get the latest 5.10 features that way. Unless I missed something you can’t even do things on multiple lines in perl -de0. But I’m sure plenty of people dig it.

Anyway, hope that helps someone!

Posted Tue, Mar 3, 2009

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