I just completed World of Goo (or buy direct, here). Very fun game!

I like video games, but I tend to not play them very much because I do all kinds of other things (lots of programming if you can’t tell :-) ) but recently I’ve found that they help me clear my mind when I am trying to figure stuff out. Like, I’ll be coding and I will usually get stuck on a design issue. It’s rarely a question of how to get it done, but more, what’s the best way to get it done. I certainly don’t always choose the right answer, but I try to go back and correct wrong answers as soon and as often as possible.

Furthermore, I really appreciate these indie games. They have something in common with what I call art (a post for another day.) Here’s an interesting factoid: World of Goo was made by four people. Only two of which were coders! That blows me away.

Anyway, the game was great; it installed and ran without a hitch on Ubuntu; so try out the demo, and if you dig it, purchase it.

Posted Sat, Jun 6, 2009

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